Calf Services

Vaccination Programs

  • Customized to your calf rearing system and disease risks on your farm

Calf Consultations

  • Evaluation of entire calf raising system to optimize calf health and future performance


  • Determine causes of disease outbreaks to put control measures in place

In – house Hospitalization

  • IV fluids and rewarming for young calves with scours or other diseases

Sick and Emergency Calf Care

  • Examination of sick calves as well as 24 hour emergency services

Ventilation Assessments

  • Evaluate existing tube ventilation systems in calf barns and certified design of Positive Pressure Tubes

Total Protein Measurement

  • Evaluation of the transfer of immunity and colostrum feeding practices

Colostrum Monitoring

  • Standard plate count and coliform evaluation of hygiene

  • Brix evaluation of immune content and milk replacer concentration

Surgical procedures

  • Repair of umbilical hernias, cryptorchid castrations or other surgeries

Regulatory Work

  • Testing and documentation for movement of cattle including export shipment

On Farm Delivery Service

  • We provide vaccine, drug sales and supply delivery to your farm making purchasing easy and inventory control timely.

Drop Ship Services

  • Supplies, vaccines, and medications can be shipped directly to your farm.

  • This service saves time and decreases biosecurity risks.

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