COVID-19 Update

Maria Stein Animal Clinic during the Stay Home Directive:
Our business is considered essential to stay open and some have even deemed it critical like all phases of food production. We continue to serve our farm client needs for herd health and sick animal service without interruption. It is vital that our staff stay healthy so they can continue to serve you and we are concerned about all client's health. Reducing occupancy in our waiting room can be helpful in limiting potential exposure. We will consider closing the waiting room if we cannot limit occupancy. To reduce that occupancy, we suggest that you take advantage of our route truck or drop ship services to get products. Please, call the clinic number to place these orders. If you do find yourself with an immediate need, consider calling in your order so it can be waiting for you rather than you waiting on it. If the waiting room is occupied, consider entering through the east door or waiting in your vehicle until the waiting room has cleared.

Pet care needs are also essential but some can be postponed for a few weeks. Sick animals, puppy and kitten vaccinations, dentals, and lump removals are all time sensitive and need to be conducted in a timely manner with limited risk of exposure. We ask that only one family member accompany your pet. Adult boosters of rabies and lepto vaccine, spays and neuters are also important, but can be delayed for a few weeks and we are currently scheduling them after April 6. Grooms and toe nail trims are not essential, but as we have laid off some of our lesser seniority staff, our satellite clinics are currently being staffed almost completely by groomers. They may have time to spruce up your pet, if you work out social distancing as below.

For sick animals and preventative appointments we have spread out our time slots to reduce exposure in our waiting room and insure that occupied rooms have been cleaned and disinfected. We ask that only one family member accompany your pet. The next level of reducing exposure is to practice curbside service. You can choose this now and we may have to go to curbside for all pets in the near future. Curbside works like this: You make an appointment giving as many details as possible. Once you arrive, call and let us know you are in the parking lot. The doctor calls you and takes a history of your pet's condition. Our staff will come out to your vehicle, get your pet, and bring it into the clinic. You will stay in your car. The pet is examined and the doctor calls you again to ask questions and develop a treatment plan. Unless the pet is being hospitalized, we will return your pet and medications (if needed) to you in your vehicle. You then pay by credit card, check, or cash.

Of course, if you are sick or have been in contact with someone that is sick, especially upper respiratory symptoms, we ask that you have someone else bring in your pet or call to reschedule. This is also true for our farm clients as we want to reduce community spread of COVID-19.

Please call if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation and we will continue to update as things change!

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